Lingerie. Need I Say More

Written by Tracey Gilbert on May 19, 2016

A touch of the tasteless. A dab of sexy. And a lot of lingerie options for one young lady.

When you hear the word lingerie you may think of a bridal shower. That is how it is for me. Because. As one of my acquaintances eloquently put it, "you're old." And while this may offend some of our more youth obsessed members of our society. I am not one of them. Simply, because I don't need to be.

And so the story began.

lingerie shower invitation

As some of you may undoubtedly know I was recently invited to a bridal shower. And while my last shower was quite recent, this morning in fact, my last bridal shower lays long in the past (almost a decade). But. How much could they have changed? That was the question I posed as scrolled through the gift registry that been subtly included on their lingerie shower invitations.

I should have known.

As the card clearly stated it was to be a fun lingerie bridal shower. "Weren't they all," I asked myself. After all in "my day" lingerie was an expected part of any shower. It was the fun of it. But as I quickly learned, a bridal shower today is themed to a topic that fits the bride-to-be. Gone are the days of a one size fits all fare, as are the traditional gift options. Pots, pans, and kitchen items aren't, in general, expected, and in some cases they are not even wanted. As I noted while scrolling through the list of possible gift options.

Instead they have been replaced with "fun" items. Items to stock the liqueur cabinet. Fun things. Lingerie included.

And there was a lot of selection. Conveniently priced in all categories for every pocketbook.

For the more prudish guests there were a few non-lingerie themed items, such as pajamas and slippers. This allowed them to stay on topic, while avoiding the thought of contributing to the lady in the limelight's love life.

I opted for a nice piece that I may only imagine, will when the time is right, bring much joy and happiness for the brief moment its services are required.

lingerie shower invitation

What should I expect?

Does the modern trend in showers surprise me? No, not as such. While there will be a hen do, I will not be attending that while it conflicts with another appointment that does not allow itself to be easily moved.. And one may wonder if the whole shower will be lingerie themed, what would a hen party offer that the bridal shower does not. And I might wonder with you. Though I am going to hazard to guess than this affair will be the 12A version while the other will tip toward R18.

The ratings, as you have most assuredly noticed, lay, far apart. And this is the reason why I think that those planning the lingerie shower are those planning the hen do. And as I have heard the guest list was groomed for both. And any one that would blanch at the site of Hunks in Trunks doesn't need to be confronted with the site either. This will be beneficial to both groups, as those less prepared to see what lies within those trunks will not drag down the ones that desperately want to see and vice versa.

Hum, now I am thinking I should maybe see if those plans allow for a rescheduling.

Wish me luck!

The Joys of Gardening

Written by Tracey Gilbert on April 29, 2016

A gadren of woes. A garden that grows. A garden of joy when the time comes.

While I may not seem the type to you, I am proud to acknowledge I have a rather green thumb. And while the majority of my readers my wish I take a trip to the A&E, the fact of the matter is I am a gardener at heart.


Well. That was not always true, nor, is it always true. But when the time comes, and the seasons begin to change from cold Winter gloom, to blustery Spring weather I do tend to get excited about the coming gardening season.

And now am feeling the frenzy. And it is long over due. This Spring has been more hectic than I tend to like and the planned start was pushed back twice. Two more times than I had preferred. But then somethings can be put off, and others are most impossible to deny. And unfortunately the garden falls into the first of these two categories, while those things that tend to take precedence most always fall into the latter.

Now, while I am finally ready I have one more hurdle to jump. But it is an easy one. One only needs to wait for it. I have had several new openings in my flower garden and an online purchase promises to fill those holes. There is one small problem, and that is my order may take a little longer to fill than I had originally planned. Thouse it should be of little problem in the end. And so now all I have to do is – wait.

And so I – wait.

Something Funny

Written by Tracey Gilbert on April 12, 2016

A trip to the shop. A heavy bag. And a big dab of thankfulness.

look on the bright side

Something funny happened on the way to the shop today. It wasn't so much that it was a laugh out loud moment. I rarely have one of those, and when I do the sound tends to be a bit of a snort. An honest LOL is rare in my life, and when, it has to honestly funny. Quaint doesn't do it for me nor does the vulgare you often encounter on the radio. No I am talking about the honest funny that is so very rare these days.

This "funny" was more of a queer moment in time where you just stop. And those do not usually involve laughter. Mine don't in any event, but I can't anything about yours.

When I made my plans the weather had promised a little bit of sunshine. But that would have to wait. As I got to my desitation the winde had blown in a bit of rain. Well it would do the flowers some good in any case.

There was nothing unusualy different about the trip, not until I left, here is where your deepest sense of dread comes out and those horror visions that haunt your slumber come to life. I pushed the cart back to its resting place and began to take my bag out when, it must have snagged, all of its contents toppled to the pavement. Had I mentioned that it had become rather blustery at this point? Well now you know.

The sense of horror and furstration played across my face, before, and with a reassured grunt of determination I nelt down and began to collect my recently acquired goods.

Had this not been enough a rather brisk shower started up, a further test on my resolve.

My plight had not gone unnoticed however. And a rather unsepecting bystandard came to my aid. Taking a reusable back from his boot promptly nelt next to me, and with a smile helped my collect my things before the rain made a mess of them.

In no time at all we had collected them up and transported them to my auto which wasn't far. I was relieved and thankful for the kindess, but he would have nothing of a reward. Even allowing my to keep his grocery bag.

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